Maternity Nurse

D.P.N.C | Distinction Awarded

About Me


Susie Wilsher – Maternity Nurse

My name is Susie Wilsher and I am a maternity nurse. I offer a personal, professional and efficient service that will allow you to enjoy a stress free time both before and after the birth. In the past twenty-seven years I have had numerous placements. Counting Hundreds of Babies as happy clients!

'Member of ABM Association of Breastfeeding Mothers'

Travel & Work Overseas
I have travelled and lived across the globe. I spent a year and a half in Oslo, Norway. A year with twins in Germany. Eighteen months in Paris. Three months in Monte Carlo. Ten years in New York. I have worked in Germany, Moscow, Italy, United Kingdom and most recently India. I spent two and a half years on The Gaza Strip. In the past 2 years I have had numerous placements in India, Lebanon, UAE and State of Qatar. I have traveled to other countries to collect 'Adoption Babies' and have offered full 100% support to clients with Surrogate babies (even being there at  birth).

I am most proud of the reputation I have established in London these  past 12 years. Returning to numerous clients for repeat bookings as well as being personally recomended to their families and friends.

I work alongside my colleague Mark Harris, he is a registered midwife nurse and has delivered over 500 babies. In addition to my services my clients have access to his private consultancy as a midwife.

Colleague Mark Harris - Author of Birthing for Blokes
I am a registered midwife and nurse. I love being around people, I always have as long as I can remember; having five sisters and three brothers offered me plenty of practice. Now with five children of my own and 4 grand children (another on the way), I have lots of opportunity to indulge in my passion for people. The choices I have made in my professional life have been shaped by this gregarious inclination. I have trained and worked as a Nurse, Midwife, Teacher in Further Education, Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Out Reach Youth Worker. I still work as a Midwife offering a birth education through a programme called, Birthing For Blokes (@Birthing4Blokes), work and play often merge for me. I am happy to work along side, being able to advise her and her personal clients on a one to one basis.

Other Placements
• I Have covered numerous 'emergency posts' sometimes taking care of both mother and child due to illness or complications.
• I've had the pleasure of working with Adopting, Surrogate & 'Same Sex' couples.
• I have helped with Sleep training and scheduling newborns.
• I am happy to supply advice and be a guide to the shopping needs of a newborn. Also to accompany an expectant mother on a 'furnishing the nursery' trip.

I married in 1997 and was London-based before having my own daughter in 2000, which brought a whole different level of understanding to me! I now have everything in common with my clients, having had a baby C-Section and breast-feeding my own child!

Extended Qualifications
Various Qualifications I have Obtained over the past 27 years
• Distinction Awarded Post Natal Carer.
• NYC Trained & Registered Advanced Infant Care Specialist.
• Maternity Nurse Consultant for Mothercare UK.
• M.N.T Maternity nurse technician Multiples specialist.
I count average 3-4 sets of twins a year to my work calender.
• Esophageal Reflux/Colic Management & Breast Feeding.
• International Association of Infant Massage & Birthlight Baby Yoga
• Baby/Infant Massage & Child Growth Development using Play Skills.
• Infant C.P.R Skills Retained every 2 years (recently at Queen Charlottes Hospital 2015)
• My C.R.B Criminal records bureau certificate is current through 2016
• I also assist at lectures and Mentor Post graduates of the Multiples courses-
•Associate of NEST (New born educational services and training)
as Consultant Multiple Specialist

Additional Information
• Gift vouchers are available
• Packages to suit 'you ' (Including a Nursery needs shopping day!)
• Welcome home service = 72 hours of continuous post delivery care
• Offering advice on Feeding, Bathing & Swaddling
• Circumcision care = 72 hours of post procedure care
• Weekend cover either 'at home' or social occasions such as weddings
• Vacation cover & Re-location cover (worldwide)

Do Not Worry
• I drive.
• I don't smoke.
• I swim!
• I speak basic French, good German and have a general understanding and love of the Arabic culture.
• I am familiar and respectful of a kosher home and feel comfortable
with all religions and cultures.
• I have a vast knowledge and experience in living with people from
all walks and ways of life.
• I respect other people's privacy and space.
• I am happy to join in as much or as little as each client needs.

To Conclude
Having had Hundreds of clients I fully appreciate that each family's needs are different.
I am self employed and work on a per day/week basis. I send out contracts to each client detailing each arrangement and I keep a retaining deposit of which is fully-refundable during final week of employment. I send receipts for all deposits given.

My C.V is available by request
I am happy to discuss your need's. Please don't hesitate to contact me.