Maternity Nurse

D.P.N.C | Distinction Awarded

A Guiding Hand


Hello, my name is Susie Wilsher and I am an experienced maternity nurse. I have over 27 years of experience with newborns.

I have travelled across the world counting hundreds of babies as 'My Cubs'. I see my job as taking care of both, the parent and the baby. Helping a New Mum to rest and recover from her delivery; Natural, Forceps, Ventouse or C-Section.

Where this is not the first child, my aim is to instill calm and stability in first time parents and to also help integrate the new baby into the family. Making sure all siblings feel comfortable and confident with the new arrival.

I ensure a new mum gets full and proper rest and sleep to aid her recovery. I am also happy to prepare meals and do whatever a new mum can't do herself.  

I have been both honoured and delighted to return to clients for repeat bookings and also to be personally recommended to their families, clients and friends.

Gingham Kids Nanny Awards 2014
Award 2014
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Conference 2016
Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board 2019

Conference 2016
Childcare & Early Learning Diploma Level 3 2017

Conference 2016
Member of the Maternity Nurse Association 2017

Conference 2016
Childcare Expo 2016

Conference 2016
Maternity Midwifery & Baby Conference 2016

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Grandparents, family and friends can now send 'ME', my services to their loved ones. The gift of a Good nights sleep is surely 'Priceless'

Payable via Paypal - Contact me for more information.

Sound Advice & Support


I teach new Mothers everything from nappy changing, swaddling, use of all Baby equipment such as the sterlilser and Breast pumps.

I am fully supportive of breast-feeding mothers.

I am happy to give a bottle of either expressed or formula milk during the night, so that the new mother can rest and catch up on her sleep.

I do believe in structured routines and pride myself on leaving a new family with the baby, either sleeping through the night or definitely on 1 night feed - depending on the length of the booking.

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